Booze Rocks Soapstone Beverage Cooling Stones

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Pour neat drinks directly over our Booze Rock soapstone cubes to keep your craft spirits ice cold and uncut.

Soapstone will neither scratch glassware nor affect the taste of your best craft spirits, letting you savor full-flavor spirits down to the bottom of the glass.

Product includes 4 Booze Stones, Instructions, and storage pouch.


Caring for your Booze Rocks is easy.  Simply wash off your Rocks with mild soap and warm water. Let them dry, and then pop them back in the freezer. We recommend storing them in the muslin bag they were shipped in, so that they won’t freeze to other things in the freezer, or get lost.

If you have any thoughts on ways to use our stones, or you have found new uses for them, please let us know!


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